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  1. You may enter as many classes as you wish, but only two entries per class. 

  2. Entry forms must be submitted by 17:00 on the Thursday before the Show.  No late entries.

  3. Adult entry fees are 50p per class.  Junior entry fees (Sections 7 and 8) are 20p per class.

  4. All exhibits must be the exhibitor’s own work, except:

    • pot plants, which must have been in the exhibitor’s possession for at least three months

    • classes 41-47 and class 74 for which floral material may be purchased.  

    • Eggs must be from the exhibitor’s own hens.

  5. No adult help is allowed for juniors over five years of age.

  6. If insufficient entries are received in a class, the class may be cancelled.

  7. Trophies will be presented at 16:00 and exhibits may be removed only after the trophy presentation.

  8. The first prize in any class may be withheld if there are no more than three entries or at the judge’s discretion.

  9. Prizes

    1. For all sections: First - £2, Second - £1, Third – 50p.  

    2. For class 15 only: First - £5, Second - £3, Third - £2.00

  10. In addition, a £10 gift token will be awarded in each Section 1-6 to the person with the most points in that section.

  11. Any cash prizes uncollected by 5 pm on the day of the Show will be donated to charity or go towards the running of the Show.

  12. Points are awarded at the judges’ discretion and their decision is final.  Any complaint should be made to a committee member before 15:00 on the day of the Show .

  13. Trophies may be held by the winner for twelve months and must be returned to the committee in good, CLEAN condition at least three weeks before the Show.  Any damage must be notified to the committee in time for it to be repaired for the next recipient. 

  14. The committee, while exercising reasonable care, will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any entry or containers connected with the Show.

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