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The main criteria are condition, size, colour and uniformity.  Points are awarded for each of these attributes but generally, condition counts more than size.  All specimens should be alike in size, form and colour.  In classes for the heaviest/longest vegetable, size is most important.

Exhibit on a bench or on the paper plates provided.   Judges are looking for cleanliness, freshness, and tenderness with no coarseness or blemishes. Large vegetables are best but only if accompanied by quality, as the production of large specimens requires more skill.  In the case of potatoes, shape and eyes are also considered.


  • ROOT VEG must be free of soil, but cleaning or washing should not damage the skin.  Root veg should have the tops cut off, except beetroot.


  • ONIONS With ripe onions and shallots only completely dead skin and leaf should be removed, but the end of the neck tied neatly.  With still-growing onions (as for winter or spring grown varieties but not salad onions) about one-third of the length of the leaves should be removed.

  • PEAS AND BEANS should be cut off the vine with scissors leaving some stalk attached.  They can be picked in advance wrapped in a damp cloth and kept in a cool dark place, i.e. veg compartment in the fridge. Can be straightened (carefully) whilst damp. Leave a short length of stalk.

  • TOMATOES should have calyces + approx. 1cm of stem attached.  Uniformity is important. Do not polish.

  • LEEKS leave the roots on but cleaned. Tip from our judge, comb the roots! Leave the flags (foliage) intact but tied neatly.

  • COURGETTES flowers can be left on or removed. If they are really fresh they can be very attractive.

  • SWEETCORN leave the green husks on but peel down a narrow one-inch strip to show the yellow kernels.

  • COLLECTION OF ANY THREE VEGETABLES can include vegetables which are in the schedule or others which are not.

  • FRESH GARDEN HERBS - gather a variety of types, in flower or not, and display them artistically in a container.

Large Potato
Large Potato
Large Potato



  • Judges are looking for ripe, but not overripe fruit, with an attractive, naturally produced colour.  

  • If possible, fruits should be above average size for the cultivar, but enormous specimens aren’t necessary or desirable.  

  • Apricots, nectarines and peaches are shown without stalks but please exhibit all other fruit with approx. 1 cm of stem attached.

  • Do not polish fruit.

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