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  • Exhibits may be modern or traditional.  Judging of these classes is as much about the artistic interpretation of the title as it is about skill. 


  • Floral material may be purchased.  


  • Exhibits should be arranged at home and be a suitable size within the table space allowed.  


  • Classes 40-42 must not be larger than 60 x 60cm base – height unrestricted.

Floral Arrangement 2


We discourage the use of wet floral foam as it is formaldehyde-based, not biodegradable and will not break down in landfills. Environmentally friendly alternatives to foam include: 

  • chicken Wire. Chicken wire has become one of the designer's materials of choice and has been used for many years as an alternative to wet floral foam.

  • Flower Frogs

  • Gravel rocks and pebbles

  • Willow, rattan or pliable reeds

  • Wood Wool

  • Straw

  • Water vials

  • Flower Foliage

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